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GSoC weekly report of Jaskaran Singh for week 9


This week I:

- Went through other distributions' vulnerability identifiers for similarities in notation.

- Implemented a vulnerability identifier normalization function, so that vulnerabilities inconsistent in notation are normalized and uniform.

- Ran a script on the DSA list[1] to check how many iterations of the same DSA have newer CVEs. This was mainly for ascertaining if it would be necessary to crawl all iterations of a given DSA.

- Refactored some code, particularly the vulnerability aliasing, xpath determination and Debian crawling functionalities.

- Rewrote some tests so that only public APIs are tested.

- Went through Debian's New Maintainers' Guide[2] and practised a bit of packaging.

My working repository: https://github.com/jajajasalu2/patch-finder



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