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GSoC weekly report of Jaskaran Singh for week 6


This week I:

- Implemented server-side search for the Github crawler[0].

- Documented and understood various vulnerability identifiers and security advisories, specific to vendors and organizations. Some of these include OVAL[1], CVRF[2], and advisories of Redhat[3], Gentoo[4], etc.

- Searched for data sources available for some of the documented vulnerability identifiers to determine what format they are generally in. These sources are HTML pages, APIs transferring JSON or XML[5], plain text documents[6], Git repositories[7], RSS feeds, etc.

- Started implementation of an abstraction to facilitate mapping of a vulnerability to one or more CVEs.

- Refactored some older code I'd written for better readability and testability[8]. Wrote unit tests for the same using unittest and unittest.mock.

- Migrated all my configs to a newer machine to work on.



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