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GSoC Weekly report of Katerina for week 5


This is what was learned and done this week:

1. Working on the lintian issues of the 'android-platform-external-doclava' Debian package

2. Learning how to work with lintian while working on 'android-platform-external-doclava', dealing with reports issues using Lintian Reports at https://lintian.debian.org/ 

3. Learning how to work with Git GUI Gitg

4. Learning how to modify debian/*.poms

5. Improving my skills in working with 

- Debian Operating System

- Salsa server 

- Git 

- git-buildpackage 

- package updating 

6. Studying some relevant theory about hotplug, udev and udev rules from The Debian Administrator's Handbook (chapter 9.11. Hot Plugging: hotplug).


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