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GSoC Weekly report of Katerina for weeks 1 and 2


My project is about packaging additional Android SDK Tools and updating some packaged Android SDK Tools.

I had credits (tests) and exams at the university from 13 to 31 May. So I couldn't prepare for the project during the community bounding period and couldn't start the work on the project during the first week (27-31 May). So there was no first week report from me before since I had nothing to report.

This is what was learned and done this week:

1. Studying Recommendations in the "Learn to Maintain Debian Packages" section of the article <https://seamlik.github.io/blog/posts/How-to-Contribute-to-Android-SDK-in-Debian.html> + studying information from the other links which were mentioned in this article
2. Studying the report on Android SDK Tools in Debian at https://debconf16.debconf.org/talks/18
3. Studying the information on the following Debian Wiki pages:
4. Links modification on Android Tools Wiki page at https://wiki.debian.org/AndroidTools
5. Creation of reliable working environment for the project:
setting up major Debian installation on desktop and having Debian in Virtual Box on laptop for emergency purposes
checking disk with SMART tools and badblocks program using Knoppix
6. Installation of the newest Debian Testing on desktop computer for project work
7. Studying the information about Debian Salsa server at:
8. Creation of my guest account on Debian Salsa server at https://salsa.debian.org/kt-guest as per instructions at https://salsa.debian.org/help#user-account
9. Studying some relevant theory from “The Debian Administrator's Handbook” (Debian package debian-handbook) namely:
Chapter 5. Packaging System: Tools and Fundamental Principles:
5.1. Structure of a Binary Package
5.2. Package Meta-Information
5.3. Structure of a Source Package
10. Studying various files in the "debian" folder in "okio" and "libnativehelper" source code packages.


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