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GSoC Weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 2.


In the second week I wrote a small code to figure exactly which tasks are being invoked when "dist"(the task that is used to build the project) is called. I figured there were 84 build files total, of which 64 were written in kotlin dsl. I have converted about 40 of those, so 27 more remain.

The remaining build files are really small and template like so the conversion should go even faster. you can see my work here.

I also plan on posting my progress to my blog here. By next week the kotlin to groovy conversion will probably have been over and I ll proceed with making the project build with only the relevant subprojects as children projects. If that works I ll go on ahead and downgrade the project to gradle 4.4.1.

Saif Abdul Cassim

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