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Re: Debian's participation in Google Season of Docs program

Hi Debian,
TL;DR: I'm up for mentoring.
This is Shreyansh Khajanchi, your GSoC'18 student.

Thank you bringing this forward.
I'd love to participate as a mentor in the Season of Doc program and writing this to let it be known.
In support, I'd like to present the documentation I did for my own project during the GSoC period. The link is: https://boottorrent.readthedocs.io/en/latest/?badge=latest

Being young, I do not know all and since this is a new program there are a lot of open questions but I'm open to learning. I hope my previous work is satisfactory and if you believe that I can add value as a mentor, please let me know.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

PS: Please excuse my brevity as I'm typing this from my phone.

Thank you.

Shreyansh Khajanchi,
Engineer & Student, VIT University
Web: shreyanshja.in; Ph:(+91)7092850573

On Mon 22 Apr, 2019, 6:52 PM Laura Arjona Reina, <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
Dear all,


We want Debian to participate in the first edition of Google Season of
Deadline for org application is really soon (23 April 20:00UTC).
The program itself will start in September until end of November.
We think we have enough workforce to handle the program, but we need
more mentors (we have several ideas with 1 mentor and we need 2 mentors
per project). You can submit more ideas but tomorrow we'll discard the
ideas with less than two mentors and submit Debian's application for 1-2
Details in https://wiki.debian.org/SeasonOfDocs2019

Long version:

Google Open Source has announced its first edition of the "Google Season
of Docs" program, aimed to bring together technical writers and open
source projects, in a program similar to the Google Summer of Code, but
focused in documentation.


We think that it could be a good opportunity for Debian to participate
this year, with this goals in mind:
    * As one more outreach program: extend Debian to new groups of people
    * Improve Debian documentation, by means of collaborative work of
the people involved in GSoD and the corresponding Debian teams
    * Retain talent and motivation to further work in documentation
areas (not only during the program)

This year is the first edition and there will be a maximum of 2
technical writers per organisation. Some people in the outreach team
have talked about participating and we think we can have enough
workforce to apply and handle 1 or 2 persons in 1 or 2 different projects.

This is our proposal of organisation and guidelines:
* Program Admins: Pranav Jain (outreach team) and Laura Arjona Reina
(website, i18n team)
* Coordination list: debian-outreach@lists.debian.org
* Deadline for Debian submissions: 23 April 20:00 UTC
* The program/mentorship will be: September-October-November 2019
* Guidelines for GSoD Projects in Debian: see wiki page
* Initial Project ideas: English proofread, Profile parser to get
involved in Debian, Mixed tasks for the Debian website.

For more details see:  https://wiki.debian.org/SeasonOfDocs2019

As you can see we have provided some projects as "Project ideas"
already. We're open for more ideas and overall *we need more
mentors/co-mentors* (at least 2 per project, so help is appreciated!).

Please keep in mind that we'll finally offer/be accepted in only 2
projects max, so we appreciate to sum forces better than spread them in
many different subprojects.

We have added a field to add stars "*" to let people show interest in
that project idea happening so you can edit the page and add your
"stars" (3 for your favorite project) so we can prioritise the ideas
when submitting Debian's application. But of course the most prioritised
projects will be the ones having more mentors :-) (in fact, we'll have
to discard the ideas with less than 2 mentors prior to submitting...)

We'll submit Debian application on April 23rd around 18:00 UTC (deadline
is April 23rd 20:00 UTC) so we encourage interested people in helping
with GSoD (mentoring, helping with paperwork, spreading the word or
welcoming applicants...) to get in touch (in
debian-outreach@lists.debian.org) ASAP.

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

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