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Re: Google Summer Of Code

Sim writes:

> Hello,

Ni hao :)

> I'm a student from Zhejiang University Of Technology and want to be a
> student in Google Summer Of Code
> to learn more quickly.

Thanks for your interest in doing GSoC with Debian.

> I've learned Python, C, C++ and HTML+CSS. I've edited my blog template with
> HTML+CSS for some time and made
> some commits on Github.
> Greeting.

I appreciate you mentioning the languages that you are familiar with.
There are plenty of areas you can take a look into for making

There are many teams that you can join and take a look for getting
started. You can join these teams and ask them about the stuff that they
need help with.
You can take a look at teams here

If you are looking to contributing with GSoC in mind.
You should go over the ideas listed on


and then contact the Teams/Individual mentors and co-mentors. They will
help you get started with there selective areas into Debian.

Also given your familiarity with languages like Python,you could consider joining
teams like Debian Python https://wiki.debian.org/Python

Also you should consider getting in contact with the local Debian
community in China.
here are some links to them.


All the best for GSoC.
We wish to see your contributions for the time of GSoC and beyond that
as well.

Xie Xie,

rajudev ( राजुदेव )

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