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Re: Fwd: Repository in GitLabs [ summer of code Package Loomio]

On Sunday 03 March 2019 02:26 PM, K. Kaushik Reddy wrote:


> This is Kaushik Reddy again. Hope you guys are doing good. Thanks for
> all your resources. Presently, I'm working on the application tasks for
> Package Loomio project. 
> Could you please provide me a link to the GitLab repo of Debian where I
> can pull request  some of the tasks to get reviewed by you people.
> This would be of great help.See you soon.

Hello Kaushik.

Sorry for the late reply. We have updated our application tasks. Please
go through it again. The bug fixing task is related to ruby. So you can
find that repos in https://salsa.debian.org/ruby-team under sub-groups
and projects tab. You can raise pull requests against them. Or you could
create patch and send as email to the bug report. Feel free to ask any


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