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Re: Being an admin on GSOC 2019

On Wed, 21 Nov 2018, Molly de Blanc wrote:


> These are also the conditions of my participation in GSoC 2019.
We - the former admins - decided to have a kickoff for 2019 on sunday
20:00GMT in #debian-outreach. Sorry if that announcement comes as a 
surprise but experience shows we should start as soon as possible. If you
can't make it, use this list or one of the followup meeting. 

If you are interested in participating (as
mentor/admin) please join us. You can find a preliminary agenda at 
https://pads.ccc.de/7knDZoDRw5. Feel free to add additional points. 

We already agreed on the following rules: 

- Debian isn't an umbrella organisation again
- Every mentor has a connection to debian
- Every project is debian related
- We do set a list of requirements in advance of the selection process

To make the meeting as short as needed we won't discuss that rules in the
meeting - use this thread if you have to :).


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