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Become a part of Debian

I am Nishant Rajput, a not much of an expert programmer but a great Linux enthusiast for more than a year , just learnt that GSoC '19 was announced.
Since then, actively researching and learning about Debian community and how can i start contributing... But I'm finding it pretty intimidating to find something i can start within WNPS as i have no professional experience and a beginner in open source contribution, but i wish to be a part of Debian sooner or later, so i can help those packages which in need,or requested.

Can i get some help here?I wish to start learning more in Linux, and if possible look forward to get selected for GSoC this year, if not then next.

P.S. -
* I know C/C++ ,  Java , and started learning Ruby, _javascript_ and Python from Pluralsight and perhaps, will be done by them till end of Jan and would be done with learning a VCS i.e,Git by end of the month.
* Sorry to bother if its considered a spam, but I've tried connecting to some previous years' GSocers under Debian  on LinkedIn for guidance, but seems they're not much active.
* I'm still in process of learning about Debian, like reading some documentations including Debian's Reference, Developers Reference, Handbook and few other, as it's itself pretty vast and deep to explore.
* If i went wrong somewhere in deciding the learning path, i'll be thankful for additional help.

Thanks in advance,

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