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[project idea] Package in Debian Pencil


When building GUI applications (including Web and Mobile apps)
it is important to make first a GUI design using mockups, before
starting to code. For example like this gui app description:
This helps to clarify and exchange ideas between the developers
about what should be built and how, and also helps for planning.

While looking for open-source mockup tools I could find only this one:
https://pencil.evolus.vn/ which does not seem to be packaged in Debian.
The aim of this project would be to package this tool for Debian (so
that it can be installed with `apt install ...`).

If this task seems too easy for a GSoC project, it can also be
complemented with improvements to the program. I am sure that there
are things to be fixed and improved. Also the Firefox extension
is outdated, so bringing it up do date could be another goal of this


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