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[project idea] Desktop access over WebVNC


Since this GSoC term is almost over, I would like to share
a few project ideas that might be used on future terms.
I am not sure whether I will be able to mentor next year,
but I think that sharing and discussing project ideas never hurts.
If I don't publish them somewhere it is quite possible that I will
forget about them. The best thing would be to use some
idea management tool, but anyway we can use the tools that
we already have.

I have worked recently on accessing a remote server through
WebVNC (which is actually known as noVNC). Have a look
at this: http://xfce.fs.al/?host=xfce.fs.al&port=6901
(you can login as user1:pass1 or user2:pass2).

It is a desktop linux, installed on a docker container,
inside a headless server on the cloud, which can be accessed
though a web browser. Isn't it amazing?

The scripts for installing the docker container are here:
They don't seem to be complicated either. Actually it is quite
possible to reuse some of the scripts to install a noVNC desktop
in a real headless machine (for example a RaspberryPi).

This is still a proof-of-concept installation and there are many
problems that need to be solved yet, some of them listed here:
But maybe one day it can be a good alternative for thin clients.

A GSoC project might be useful to fix some of the issues or
to make some improvements to this project.


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