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GSoC weekly report of Enkelena Haxhija for week 12


My project: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#5851157331705856

I attended  DebConf in Taiwan last week and worked from there on my project.
I met my mentor, Bruno Magalhães. We had the chance to discuss more
ideas about how to develop the extension more and together we prepared my
presentation for the GSoC session.
You can find it here from 16':20'':

Some of the ideas we talked about were to make the same extension for
Thunderbird, another was to use Susi.AI (to give the suggestions by speech),
also we wanted to get involved with AppStream...
We have lots of ways we could develop this extension more in the future,
whether on its functionality or on its implementation.
Because I learned about packaging there and to have the chance to integrate it
with AppStream, I thought I should package it on Debian later, after I put it on
Mozilla add-on installation site.

The web-page I was working on for week 11 to show the apps and alternatives,
is finished now, of course we will add stuff.

I created a script to generate those data from the JSON file to the web-page

Also, I worked on documentation of my project and I added it on README.md of
my repo, this link will be the one for final GSoC report when its finished

While I was at DebConf, people got interested on my project, they tested and
reviewed it, helped on presenting and implementing it better and also gave
ideas for the future.

A simple diagram is attached.

Kind regards,

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