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Re: Need help from debian mentors

Thank you, Daniel. 

I will take a look at the suggested example and links.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 12:59 PM Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

On 26/06/18 09:17, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:
> Hi,
> For the project Virtual LTSP we have a task for creating packages
> `debian-edu-preschool`, `debian-edu-primary`, `debian-edu-secondary`
> and `debian-edu-terciary`, similar to their counterparts of `ubuntu-edu-*`
> See: https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/57
> Since I am not familiar with debian packages, I would appreciate some
> help and support from other debian mentors.
> First I would like to build minimalist packages, with the smalles
> control code and configuration possible, just for internal usage on the
> project.

This is quite a small example:


Notice that the man page, the cron job and the "manpages" file are not
essential for a package.

> Second, if possible, some ideas and directions on how to build and submit
> those packages to debian packages repositories. However this second
> requirement is optional due to the limited time of the project.

I would suggest submitting them through mentors.debian.net

Note that mentors.debian.net is not related to Outreach mentoring.  They
also have a mailing list where you can discuss any new package that you




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