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GSoC weekly report of Deepanshu Gajbhiye for week 5 | Virtual LTSP Server

Hello everyone,

Here is what I did last week?
  • Converted regular dhcp server to proxy dhcp server to automatically reconfigure dnsmasq on boot[1]
  • Simplified client.sh. Almost 50% reduction in lines of code for bionic and buster branch[2]
  • Completed remaining work on client login problem[3]
  • Collected resource and joined mailing lists to study debian packaging[4]    
  • Worked on using virtual LTSP server with hostonly adapter. PR is approved but were looking for a better solution[5]
  • With some help from mentors found a better solution by using test.sh script that creates and deletes virtual adapter that can be used for LAN bridging[6]

Problems I could not solve
  • Did not get time to read all resources on debian packaging.

Plans for next week
  • Improve already written code.
  • Complete wiki page on how to troubleshoot from ltsp client[7]
  • Study debian packaging and port ubuntu-edu packages to debian[8][9]
  • Plan out what needs to be done to support raspberry pi clients by ltsp server and ltsp manager[10]
Same has been updated on my blog post :

Link to my project :


[1] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/46
[2] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/43
[3] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/42
[4] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/issues/7
[5] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/48
[6] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/pull/50

[7] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/issues/49
[8] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/issues/7
[9] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/issues/3
[10] : https://github.com/docker-scripts/dev--LTSP/issues/4

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