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Re: GSoC weekly report of Chikirou Massiwayne for week 4

Oups, sorry for the flood, it's for week 5.


2018-06-16 13:42 GMT+02:00 Massiwayne Chikirou <chikirou.massiwayne@gmail.com>:

The project I'm in charge of is the Kanban Board project [1][2].

For this week I :
   - fixed a bug where html code on todo title was writen as html on description and html export 
   - fixed a bug where bytes encoding throw UnicodeDecodeError with "str(...)"
   - tested and noticed that a QGraphicsView was'nt a possible solution to make the board more "free of us" as it's to slow on many object (~100+ for me)

This week I took a lot of time to try to do things that seems really annoying to do on PyQt (smooth drag and drop on card with conflict on multiple layout..etc) and I think that PyQt could hinder possibilities on this project so I'll ask my mentors if it's possible to go on a full webUI project with flask as I already have my models ready.

Chikirou Massiwayne


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