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GSoC Weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 5

This week I worked with kotlin version 1.1.1. I mainly spent the week figuring out the prebuilt jars and zip dependencies for the source package to build the compiler.jar etc from the source package itself. I have patched the update_dependencies.xml file so that it downloads the latest jars when we run ant -f update_dependencies.xml. but however ant fails to build from the source package because of some error(which I haven't figured so far). But my best guess is that its because of some version incompatibility or I am missing something minor. I was able to compile the .kt files which failed with java using kotlinc provided by the prebuilt binaries. Once I get the source package building with the prebuilt binaries I ll then go on ahead and package the prebuilts and then procced to package the jar files generated by the source package through ant.

https://salsa.debian.org/m36-guest/kotlin-1.1.1 --> with latest commit by me.

Saif Abdul Cassim.

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