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Re: Call For Mentors | PyDelhi Dev Sprint | 23rd June 2018

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On मंगलवार 12 जून 2018 05:54 अपराह्न, Shashank Kumar wrote:

Hello folks,

We at PyDelhi[0], are a volunteer-driven organization and we conduct bi-weekly meet-ups, Dev-Sprint, seminars, workshops on different topics related but not limited to Python and its applications. We're having Dev Sprints on 23rd of June in Delhi, India (venue will be update soon on meetup page[1]). It would be great if someone from Debian community living in or around Delhi can participate and mentor for the organization. It's totally up to the mentor which project they would like to help out with. Please reply to this mail, or send a direct mail to me if you are interested. Please help sharing the news.

Do we need it to be specific to areas around Python?

Also forwarding this to Debian India mailing list.

Thank you :)

[0] https://pydelhi.org/
[1] https://www.meetup.com/pydelhi/events/nddrtpyxjbfc/

Shashank | realslimshanky
GSoC 2018 with Debian

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