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GSoC weekly report of Dogukan CELIK week 4


As i mentioned in my proposal paper i had final exam week. So week 4  report came out late.

I still had the problem about the blog's proxy (unreachable via https but can reachable via http://www.dogukancelik.com/). Basically the address https://web.itu.edu.tr/celikd points the same blog.

    In week 3 i focused on data model on storing calendar data. In week 4,

    - i create a java package for the data model and create release for it.


    - And also made some changes on cavabunga-server package for adopting core objects to the server side -cavabunga-server has dependency for cavabunga-lib-. My commits are waiting for merge ,small travis problem appeared.


    - In addition to that complete the implementation of first data collector for cavabunga-server


For next weeks i will do;

  • iCalendar to cavabunga-lib object parser (there are some direct *.ics feeds on internet)
  • implementing cavabunga-client for storing all theese objects to database and looking for a method for searching in this data.
  • writing a documentation for all building process (for;l cavabunga-server cavabunga-client cavabunga-lib and cavabunga-collector-*)

I explained technical details in blog:




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