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Re: weekly reports: this list, into Git, or elsewhere?

On 31/05/2018 00:14, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Do people feel good about receiving 25 report emails each week on this list?

I like seeing the reports on the list. It is low volume enough that
having those extra messages is it not causing any inconvenience.

However, it is not always obvious to me which project each student is
reporting on as I am unable to associate 25 student names to 25 project
titles. I would like to suggest that students add a reference to their
project in their emails. Ideally that could be done in the subject and a
link to the main project web resource (wiki, code repository, other)
could be added at the bottom of the reports.

For that to work, it would be helpful if projects could choose an
acronym [1] to make the subject lines reasonably short. Maybe the
requirement for an acronym should be added to the Debian guidelines.


[1] When writing research proposals there is often the requirement to
choose an acronym for the project. At first the requirement seems silly,
but after having to deal with all the paperwork and communication
involved in those, you are quickly grateful that you don't always have
to spell the project title in its entirety :-)

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