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Re: Students - GSoC First Evaluation and weekly reports

On Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 6:54 PM, Jaminy Prabaharan <jaminy02@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Hope you all are aware that we have first evaluation on next week (i.e June 11th-15th) where students could give feedback about your mentors and mentors could give feedback about your students.
Make sure that you accomplish the target set for first phase before that.

Some important points about weekly updates,

  • Weekly updates in the mailing list would be a platform to review your progress by anyone on the  community.(It depends on you and your mentors whether you 'CC' your mentors or not.But you would miss the chance of public communication with your mentors where someone else from the community could also comment on it).We haven't decided any alternative yet for sending weekly updates.
  • When reviewed through weekly updates, some you all have missed the weekly reports for week 1 and week 3.Make sure you send all weekly update/aggregated update before June 10, 16:00 UTC.
  • Also, send the weekly reports for the week before Saturday,16:00 UTC from next week.
If you have any questions/concerns regarding weekly reports/first evaluation, reply to this thread.

I think that it could be useful if the page that lists all the projects also includes some links/references for each project,
like the repository of the project, the issues, any blogs or wikis that show the progress of the project, etc.
In case that someone is interested about the progress of a project he can find easily the relevant information.

Best Regards,

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