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GSoC Weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 4.

Hey guys,
I am attempting to package kotlin as it is needed by some of the android-sdk-tools latest upstreams scripts. This week was spent mostly on deciding on which version of kotlin to build, trying to figure out its right dependencies and finding a proper workflow for this project. Here are some of the things I did.
- Investigated kotlin v 1.2.5 and checked its dependencies and I believe this version needs the compiler to be already compiled to compile other parts. Also this version uses a gradle version >3.5 and latest stable in debian in 3.4 in testing. So I decided to go back and compile an older version of kotlinc and other compiler components so that we can proceed with the latest version of kotlin.
-Investigate kotlin v 1.1.50 this is the latest version of kotlin building from ant but then some of the required jars are no longer available. So I tried kotlin v.1.1.1 which is the latest version which has most of its required prebuilt jars still available. Kotlin v 1.1.1 is promising as it builda the most out of the 3.

For the next week I plan on-
 Trying to get atleast one of the above mentioned versions building using the prebuilt jars then proceed with building the compiler which I can then use to regenerate these jars so that they build from source.
Saif Abdul cassim.


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