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GSoC weekly report of Divesh Uttamchandani for week 03

Hi all,

I am working on EasyGnuPG improvements.

This week we tried another approach towards this project.

Instead of doing a complete rewrite, we are starting with replacing the parts of the project which call gpg CLI with calls to python scripts, which achieve the same functionality by using GPGME library.

This is still achieving the motive of the project which is to make egpg more stable.

Major things done during this week:
- Trying out GPGME library and some bash scripting
- Updating containers(docker scripts) and tasks after change of approach
- Wrote the following scripts as per the new scope of the project
    - python script for signing
    - python script for verification (pr in progress)

One can find the detailed report here

Divesh Uttamchandani
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