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GSoC weekly report of Alexandre Viau for week 3


This is my weekly report for week 3.

= api authentication =

Some of last week was spent on authenticating user uploads with GPG
keys. Now, we authenticate API calls with access tokens. Users can
create access tokens from the web interfaces. Workers must also be

= web interface =

There were many improvements to the web interface:
 - Upload page: page that details an upload and lists all jobs
 - Job pags: page that details a job and lists all artifacts
 - Improved general looks
 - Added colors to some tables! Red for failure, green for success

= artifacts =

Workers now submit job artifacts. For example, debs. This was needed to
move on with autopkgtest because autopkgtest needs the debs. Artifacts
are displayed on the web interface and can be downloaded.

= autopkgtest =

Autodeb now runs autopkgtest. One autopkgtest job is created for every
binary package produced by a source package. Autopkgtest jobs are not
created if they were disabled via upload parameters.

= configuration refactor =

All configuration used to be passed as command-line arguments. The
master now needs an oauth secret key and the worker needs an api access
token. Passing these secrets as command-line arguments is not safe so I
have moved all configuration to toml configuration files.

= artifacts refactor =

The code that saves job articats was moved to its own module, greatly
simplifying the jobs module.

= packaging =

The packaging was adapted to the new configuration files. It was also
modified so that the config is no longer world readable.

Simplified packaging by splitting /var/lib/autodeb into
/var/lib/autodeb-server and /var/lib/autodeb-worker so that they are
completely independent. Also split the autodeb user into autodeb-worker
and autodeb-server.

= infrastructure =

Created vault-edit target in the infrastructure repository to easily
modify secrets.

Install sbuild from stretch-backports so that we can use
sbuild-createchroot's new --command-prefix flag.

Adapted packaging to new configuration files.

Deployed a couple of times to test new features in "production".

= diagrams =

I started thinking about complex workflows (archive rebuilds, for
example) and documented it in the wiki with uml activity diagrams:


This has helped me develop the autopkgtest workflow and I now have a
better idea of how I will implement archive rebuilds.


Alexandre Viau

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