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Re: Bug#790814: evaluating Kanboard for mentoring


On Sat, May 05, 2018 at 08:57:17PM +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Most of the above steps should be done by the package itself.  If
> anybody has time to help finish the package I'd be happy to install it
> on the outreach-lab.debian.net server.  The package doesn't need to be
> uploaded into Debian, just as long as the necessary changes are in a
> clone of the Git repository so I can build the package myself.
> Alternatively, maybe somebody can check with other teams using Kanboard
> to see if they have packaged it in another repository or something.

I did a closer look today at this report and based on the existing work
I used the recent version to prepare a packaging that is at least
working for me right now at home. But it's not finished and still not
ready for uploading to NEW. So if anybody want's to pick up my work feel


The packages are working so far but it's possible that some dependencies
are left missing.
Also there should be packages for kanboard-nginx and kanboard-lighttpd
provided by the packging. Can be done later I guess.

If ever possible the .htaccess file should be dropped and not used
(because of performance reasons). The resulting Apache2 config will need
some more tuning so user can add more own aliases without conflicting
future updates of the package.

Lintian isn't really happy.

$ lintian -IE
E: kanboard source: source-is-missing assets/js/app.min.js
E: kanboard source: source-is-missing assets/js/vendor.min.js
I: kanboard source: testsuite-autopkgtest-missing
W: kanboard-common: new-package-should-close-itp-bug
I: kanboard-common: extra-license-file usr/share/doc/kanboard/LICENSE
I: kanboard-common: font-in-non-font-package usr/share/kanboard/vendor/gregwar/captcha/src/Gregwar/Captcha/Font/captcha0.ttf
I: kanboard-common: font-in-non-font-package usr/share/kanboard/vendor/gregwar/captcha/src/Gregwar/Captcha/Font/captcha1.ttf
I: kanboard-common: font-in-non-font-package usr/share/kanboard/vendor/gregwar/captcha/src/Gregwar/Captcha/Font/captcha2.ttf
I: kanboard-common: font-in-non-font-package ... use --no-tag-display-limit to see all (or pipe to a file/program)
E: kanboard-common: php-script-but-no-php-cli-dep usr/share/kanboard/vendor/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/swiftmailer_generate_mimes_config.php #!/usr/bin/php
W: kanboard-apache2: new-package-should-close-itp-bug

The minified JS code may be a problem. The file app.min.js looks like
kanboard specific file, but no unminified file available. This needs to
be asked and discussed upstream.
The other file, vendor.min.js, is from jquery 2.2.4, Debian has
libjs-jquery 3.2.1 and the files aren't compatible anymore. Also a point
that needs to be cleared with upstream.

The font files in vendor/gregwar/captcha/src/Gregwar/Captcha/Font aren't
packaged yet in Debian, a proper way would be to package this font also
and link the files while packaging.

The lintina error about missing php-cli seems a false positive to me as
d/control has a dependency on php-cli.

The files LICENSE is used to show the MIT license within the WebUI, the
common licenses in /u/s doesn't have the Expat/MIT license and the file
might be placed better somethere else (and maybe with a different name).
This requires a modification to patch in debian/patches.


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