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GSoC Weekly report of Saif Abdul Cassim for week 3

This week I mainly updated android-platform-libcore and have submitted a merge request for it[1]. Got most of the vcs and standards version mass update merged. I tried to package sdkmanager by importing android-platform-sdk but then sdk manager was moved to android-platform-tools-base by google sometime back. currently android-platform-tools-base doesnt build in testing and is instructed to be skipped for update as it has some minor problems so I didnt finish packaging sdkmanager out of android-platform-tools-base. As of the current moment I am trying to package kotlin into debian since some of the android-sdk-tools packages need kotlin's libraries in their latest versions hence kotlin is vital to out upgrade to oreo. Inthe weeks to come I plan to successfully package kotlin into debian.
Saif Abdul Cassim

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