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GSoC weekly report of Dogukan CELIK week 3 [A calendar database of social events and conferences]


As i mention in my blog (http://dogukancelik.com/ ) i was working on data model of storing calendar. I decided to create a calendar collector first and i was trying to work with laravel's lumen framework for it. But i didnt work i expected and i switch to codeIgniter for that purpose.Basically what i did in this week;

    - Design routes, controllers and models for restApi application -for collecting and managing data-
    - Setting up codeIgniter framework
    - implementing data model into the framework ( components, properties and parameters , i am trying to imitate iCal data model, rfc 5545)
    - https://salsa.debian.org/dogukan-guest/gsoc-2018-calendar-collector

P.S: im having a problem about my blog's https connection, as soon as i fixed it i will share detailed report about week 3.

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