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Shashank Kumar | Weekly Update | New Contributor Wizard

Hello folks,

I'm sharing the weekly update for the first and second week. Delaying the report due to semester examinations. Will be sharing updates weekly from now on.

- I published `Google Summer of Code 2018 - Week 1 and 2`[0]. In this blog, I've shared what I learned during community bonding period and our progress with assigning tasks to everyone. I shared about how I designed the GUI with the explanation of my entire process and the resources that can be used to code taking the designs as the reference. Feedback on the blog is really appreciated.

- For the atomic tasks, New Contributor Wizard is using Redmine[1] which can be looked upon for the progress at any time.

[0] https://blog.shanky.xyz/gsoc-2018-week-1-and-2.html
[1] https://outreach-lab.debian.net/redmine/projects/new-contributor-wizard

Shashank | realslimshanky

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