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Re: draft blog post welcoming summer interns

Hi Daniel

El 26 de mayo de 2018 9:34:46 CEST, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> escribió:
>On 26/05/18 08:43, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
>> Hi Paul
>> El 26 de mayo de 2018 3:37:33 CEST, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>
>>> On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 6:00 AM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
>>>> Long overdue, I've almost finished the blog post that we'd like to
>>>> publish to welcome this year's summer interns.
>>> Would it be possible to avoid hemisphere-specific words?
>> Sure, thanks for the reminder.
>>> I'd suggest replacing "summer" with "GSoC 2018".
>> I'll use GSoC 2018 and Outreachy.
>I notice the URL changed to:
>A couple of the bullet points are not appearing correctly, the student
>and project name appears on the same line

Yes, I've fixed that (I think) and sent a mail with the updated url.

>It would probably look better to show the real names rather than the
>nicks used in Google's portal:
>darkLord = Umang Parmar
>diveshuttam <https://wiki.debian.org/DiveshUttamchandani> = Divesh
>samueloph <https://salsa.debian.org/samueloph> = Samuel Henrique
>realslimshanky <https://wiki.debian.org/ShashankKumar> = Shashank Kumar
>Please also insert a space in VishalGupta and change ÇELİK to lowercase

Since I guess the names in the Google page come from the own interns' submission I respected those...

>Could you defer the announcement until Tuesday morning to give people
>time to reply on Monday?  Some people may not be active over the

Yes, no problem

>For many projects, the original project advertisement is not the best
>thing to link to.  For example, for the Wizard project, we created two
>new pages:
>  (tracks progress in the current round)
>  (general overview of the project aims)
>and I would suggest linking to the latter.
>Here is another example:

Thanks, I will update the URL when I come back near my keyboard.

>Would it also be possible to get mentor names into the announcement? 
>have a great team this year and they have already done a tremendous
>amount of work promoting the program and sifting through a huge number
>of emails and student applications to get us to this stage.

I would prefer to focus this article in the students. I propose that we publish anither post when evaluations are done, thanking mentors and encouraging contributors to get involved in next rounds.

In any case, I will try a table showing all the info (projects, mentors and interns) to see how it looks like, and if it's nice (the blog output, mobile view etc) I may change the appearance to that.

Thanks for the review!

Laura Arjona Reina
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