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Re: evaluating Kanboard for mentoring

On 05/05/18 15:56, Thomas Levine wrote:
> You did make it sound very appealing in comparison with those I tried
> that are available in Sandstorm. Please install it, and I will at least
> try it out.
> It might save me enough time to be worth the effort to administrate it,
> though I would probably check with other hackers to see if anyone else
> wants to administrate it, and even then, I would probably do that only
> if other Debian GSoC projects were going to use it too.

I had a look at the package[1] and it doesn't appear ready to use yet.
I made a quick attempt to make it work:

- created /etc/kanboard

- copied config.default.php to /etc/kanboard/config.php

- symlinked /usr/share/kanboard/config.php -> /etc/kanboard/config.php

- created /etc/kanboard/apache.conf:

Alias /kanboard /usr/share/kanboard/
<Directory "/usr/share/kanboard/">
    Allow from all
    Options -MultiViews
    Require all granted
    DirectoryIndex index.php

for inclusion into a VirtualHost

- in the config.php, I set DATA_DIR = /var/lib/kanboard

- created the directory:
  mkdir -p /var/lib/kanboard/data
  chown www-data.www-data /var/lib/kanboard/data

It still doesn't work, this appears in the log:

Fatal error:  require(): Failed opening required
(include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in
/usr/share/kanboard/app/common.php on line 3

Most of the above steps should be done by the package itself.  If
anybody has time to help finish the package I'd be happy to install it
on the outreach-lab.debian.net server.  The package doesn't need to be
uploaded into Debian, just as long as the necessary changes are in a
clone of the Git repository so I can build the package myself.
Alternatively, maybe somebody can check with other teams using Kanboard
to see if they have packaged it in another repository or something.



1. https://salsa.debian.org/debian/kanboard

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