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Sharing my experience while preparing for GSoC 2018

Hello folks,

Congratulations to folks who are selected for this year's Google Summer
of Code, and I know some of you are still not over the news yet. But for
all of us, we tried our best to prepare proposals and complete
application task either resulting in selection or not. I wrote 2 blog
posts about the same.

In my first blog, "From Preparations to Debian to Proposal"[0], I shared
few highlights from recent past which inspired me to learn programming,
contribute to open source and be a part of community. And finally worked
my way around GSoC proposal.

In the second one, "The Application Task and Results"[1], I elaborated
on how I worked on the roadmap to application task both from Design and
Implementation point of view. And getting selected for GSoC program for

I hope you guys like the effort. Comments and queries are always welcome :)


Shashank Kumar

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