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GSoC-Community Bonding Period


Congratulations to all students who have been selected for GSoC.To those who haven't get the chance this time, you have other opportunities to involve with the community as Daniel mentioned in the previous mail.

Attn: GSoC students

According to the GSoC timeline, next three weeks are for community bonding period.Make use of this period to get to know your mentors and the community.

It's advisable to select your communication platform, blogging platform and project platform early by discussing with your mentors during this period.

Communication would be the crucial part of GSoC.Therefore, make sure that you update your progress weekly and keep communicating with your mentors through IRC/mail.If you face any communication breakdown with your mentors, feel free to write to admins about it.

Also, create your Debian wiki pages as mentioned in the last mail in the mailing list.

Best Regards,

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