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Re: Objectionable selection of students in Debian

Thanks for the suggestion. I will not use any of the mail tracking artifacts.
For the rest of the clarification, I will use the private mail outreach@debian.org.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 1:35 AM, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:

On 23/04/18 21:01, Nitish Dwivedi wrote:
> Hey Everyone.
> Congratulations to everyone who made it through the selection process.
> However, I would raise an objection to the selection of particular

Hi Nitish (and anybody else who has concerns about selection),

If you want to question something specific like this, please contact the
mentor or the Debian GSoC admin team directly using the email address

It is a private email address and I would recommend you try to discuss
any concerns privately before making public statements about other
students and members of the Debian community.

Please don't reply to or escalate individual issues to Google without
trying to discuss them with mentors and the Debian admins first.

I want to confirm that I did look at your code, I was pleased to note
that you divide your code into functions and also check the return
values of various API calls while many other applicants don't do so.
However, none of the code samples from any student was perfect and the
code samples are not the only things we look at when making a decision.
Amongst other things, we also look at the ideas in the proposal, the
student's engagement with free software communities and a range of other
factors too.

As noted in my earlier email, the selection process is difficult for
mentors.  We usually have many good candidates for a project.  In most
parts of Debian, we do not have to turn people away like this but in
GSoC we have to work within the size and shape of the program.  Please
also remember that mentors and admins do this as volunteers.



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