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Re: wizard for onboarding interns/applicants

> While I've personally proposed more than one idea, there are several
> co-mentors I'm speaking to for each of them.  As long as each one has
> sufficient co-mentors and at least one motivated applicant why shouldn't
> we request slots for all of them?
> Personally, I'm not going to commit myself to more than one project this
> year.  Deciding which project I will personally be mentoring will depend
> on the level of interest from co-mentors and students for each of the ideas.
I spoke with some people from the Google Open Source team who suggested
that, while we can have as many proposals as we'd like, we highlight the
top five we're most excited about. This helps them during the review
process. While we can have more listed overall, it was
requested/suggested we prioritize our top five.
>> 2) I don't think an onboarding wizard is really an appropriate position
>> for a student/participant. It's outside the scope of GSoC (unless
>> they're developing technical tools for Debian). As for Outreachy, I, in
>> general, believe the funding would be better used on other projects.
> Can you please tell me why you feel it is outside the scope of GSoC?
> Google's only rules are that they have to be students and they have to
> write code.
Okay. I misunderstood that you were looking to design a tool for Debian
to use for onboarding participants.

I spoke with Sage (from Outreachy). They're redoing their application
and own onboarding process. I think any Debian focused project on this
front ought to wait until that's done.

Do mentors find the process of helping applicants with GPG and blogs
onerous? It's the kind of thing I'd like to make sure of before putting
resources into it.

> This tool would reduce the amount of time that mentors, including
> myself, spend helping applicants do things like creating PGP keys or blogs.
> Regards,
> Daniel
> 1. https://bits.debian.org/2016/04/welcome-summer-interns-2016.html

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