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Re: Outreachy

Hello Manogna

El 20/10/17 a las 10:42, Manoghna M escribió:
> Hi,
> I am Outreachy aspirant and wanted to contribute for documentation
>> going through various links provided by my mentor I couldn't find out
> documentation would play most important role in organization.So could
> say help me with the details regarding which is  most important and
> necessity in the organization?

My recommentation would be: go for the one that you know better, the
one that
uses the tools that you know better, or the one that you like most.
criteria will make your work be more productive and benefit Debian for
sure while you have fun.

If you *really* have no preferences, you can subscribe to the
debian-doc mailing
list and try to help there. For the notes of the discussion session
held in last
DebConf (I was not there, I just read
https://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2017/08/msg00015.html ), looks like
2 main
ideas are considered:
* Help in migrating the documentation that is written in SGML to more
modern systems
* Wiki janitor (mark (tag?) pages as obsolete, contact their authors
for the
case they want to update them, or update them yourself).

I guess both tasks are waiting volunteers to lead the work, under the
of the debian-doc team. Maybe that's the opportunity for you to get

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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