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Re: Introduction Mail (Outreachy / Calendar)

On 06/09/17 16:21, Dhara Vihol wrote:

I am Dhara Vihol. I'm a student of 4th-year computer student from India. I want to participate in the outreachy Round 15.

About my skills: Till now, I have worked with WordPress and developed some websites. I've developed my skills in different types client-side scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, _javascript_ (Intermediate), Server side scripting like PHP, Codeigniter, Python. Other than that I've learned AJAX, REST API, MySQLi. I've also worked on some projects which were related to web designing and development and CRMS.

About project selection: I saw and read the project details which are available for the outreachy round 15. All the projects are very good to learn and increase our knowledge by contributing. But I always find a problem when I want to manage the timing of the events which I want to attend. So, I found the third project A calendar database of social events and conferences very useful for me as well as other peoples like me.

So, can I join and start the application task which is assigned to PHP candidates as well as Python developer?

Are you still interested in applying to this project?  If so, can you please send us more details about yourself and links to any work you have on Github, a blog or anything else?

Is your skill level in PHP and Python equivalent, or would you consider yourself stronger in one than the other?

Is anybody else interested in being part of the mentoring team for this project?

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