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Intro: candidate to help with events calendar

Hello, everyone!

I am from Brazil. Currently, I teach History for high schoolers, but I've been working towards a career change since last year. I took a three-semester vocational/tech course in IT and web development, offered by a public school around here, from which I graduated last July. I have skills in HTML, CSS, Python and some Django. My portfolio page can be found here: www.renatas.xyz

I have community experience from leading PyLadies Porto Alegre and from helping organize Django Girls workshops in my state.

I am a big advocate for Free Software ever since I started working in a school. Since then, I became involved with a hackerspace in my city (Mate Hackers) and worked into promoting Free Software and its philosophy among my friends, focusing on the women I know.

I like Debian a lot and it's my go-to distribution whenever I have to make a new GNU/Linux install. I've been looking into ways to contribute, but so far all I have done to help was working on some translations for a few Debian derivatives. I am still working on advancing my programming skils, but I looked into the project to help with the calendar of social events and conferences and I feel like that is something I can work on, in particular because I can use Python, which is my favorite language to study. I also appreciate the need for having a good project like this developed in a way that can be useful to other free software communities.

Right now, I am preparing my Outreachy application. I got into the IRC channel yesterday and I was glad to be pointed out to the task I have to do (the Github issue) and I have already started working on a solution to submit as soon as possible.


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