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Re: Introduction Mail

Hi Dhara,

Welcome to the mailing list! It sounds like you've done some cool stuff

Daniel Pocock is the mentor for those projects. I'm sure he'll respond
soon. I just wanted to make sure someone said hi and welcomed you. :)


On 09/06/2017 10:21 AM, Dhara Vihol wrote:
> Hello, 
> I am Dhara Vihol. I'm a student of 4th-year computer student from India.
> I want to participate in the outreachy Round 15.
> *About my skills:* Till now, I have worked with WordPress and developed
> some websites. I've developed my skills in different types client-side
> scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, Javascript
> (Intermediate), Server side scripting like PHP, Codeigniter, Python.
> Other than that I've learned AJAX, REST API, MySQLi. I've also worked on
> some projects which were related to web designing and development and CRMS.
> *About project selection:* I saw and read the project details which are
> available for the outreachy round 15. All the projects are very good to
> learn and increase our knowledge by contributing. But I always find a
> problem when I want to manage the timing of the events which I want to
> attend. So, I found the third project *A calendar database of social
> events and conferences *very useful for me as well as other peoples like me.
> So, can I join and start the application task which is assigned to PHP
> candidates as well as Python developer?
> -- Regards
>     Dhara Vihol

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