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next steps into Debian

Hi all,

If anybody who participated in GSoC or Outreachy is keen to take further
steps to become a Debian Developer, one of the key things to learn and
practice is making Debian packages.

This bug report concerns one of my own packages, it is ripe with
opportunities for students to learn and improve on my own work, it is
ganglia-web and some new dependencies:


If anybody wants to make packages of the dependencies for ganglia-web
(listed in the bug report) and upload them to https://mentors.debian.net
I would be very happy to review them, give feedback and once the package
is at the necessary standard, I would make a sponsored upload into the
Debian archive.

If you are keen to help out:

- review the instructions on https://mentors.debian.net/ carefully

- please rename and take ownership of the RFP bug for the JavaScript
package you will create so somebody else doesn't start working on the
same package

- look at one of my similar packages for inspiration (copy and pasting
stuff from the debian/* files on the debian/sid branch), rtcninja
provides a good example, it packages both the browser and NodeJS
versions of a JavaScript library:


- also see the Debian New Maintainer's Guide

I'm sure other mentors can also suggest packages that might be a good
place to start.



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