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GSoC 2016 Week 9: SmartInfo

On week 8, I have finished to creating my API On the libring client.

I coded my client in two different parts
-The right click menu where I launch my tools. To do that I need to:
    -call my API who speaks with the daemon
    -send a signal connect with my second part, the goal is to display or not smartInfo (not implement yet)
-The call view part where I display all my information. I passed a lot of time trying to understand some part of the code and the link between my .ui and .cpp file. I had other issues with the clutter. Now everything is display like I want, but I have some little bug in some particular case.

On week 10, I will work on the link between my two part on the client and debugging some stuff but I won't tell you everything... Keep in touch!

See you next week! :)

Olivier Grégoire (Gasuleg)

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