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GSoC week 9: CM for reSIProcate


In the past week I've finished to move the send/receive text message core mechanism to resip/recon API. I also could make a little test and saw two clients, a remote one logged in at Jitsi and a local one logged in at Empathy using telepathy-resiprocate, exchanging text messages which could be seen at my blog at [1] and the commit at [2]. I did encountered some problems related to who is the initiator and the target of a conversation and I could fix this thanks George's help at telepathy mailing list.

I have encountered two problems with Empathy text messages though:
   1) when a remote client sends a text message and the chat window is closed, it appears a little box showing the incoming message. If you click at this box a conversation window opens. The problem is that this messages just received that showed up at the little box doesn't appears anymore at conversation window. I search at google and it seems that this is a Empathy bug [3];
   2) When Empathy loads a user history conversation, it is not showing the names of the contacts in that conversation. I suspect this is something to do with addReceivedMessage() method of telepathy-qt [4]. I have discussed this with George and he advised me to look the source code of telepathy-qt. I also tried to look at Empathy source code but couldn't find anything. I have noticed that this history is stored in form of a xml at ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs/* and in this xml there is a 'name' attribute that holds the name of the contact that appears in the conversation. I  spent a entire day looking at Empathy and telepathy-qt source and I couldn't find the code responsible to generate this xml. I also have made a lot of tests and there are times that the log file is generated with a date as name and others with the target contact identifier as name and it also changes 'name' attribute in the 'message' xml field. I also suspect this is a Empathy (or telepathy-qt) bug but I'm not sure of this since I didn't understand how this history conversation is generated.

I also spent some time looking again the PUBLISH message to see why sometimes the contact status is not updated at Jitsi client even though the PUBLISH message is being sent. Sadly my ekiga account stop working so I looked for another sip server. Then I have created an account at sip.antisip server but it seems that it doesn't send the NOTIFY messages as it should. So I decided to debug this in the test.sip5060 server that Daniel have enabled for me to do tests like this. Unfortunately I couldn't log in with telepathy-resiprocate at this server.

Since I'm very late at my schedule, and I think maybe I couldn't finish all the tasks present there, I have asked Daniel which tasks he recommend for me to continue the project. I'm waiting for his answer to move on.

[1] https://mateusbellomo.wordpress.com/
[2] https://github.com/resiprocate/resiprocate/compare/master...MateusBellomo:mateus-presence-text
[3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adium-theme-ubuntu/+bug/1235472
[4] https://github.com/TelepathyQt/telepathy-qt/blob/fee54f1a48cb9c2f5cf72d064f9a7eef0bdfa493/TelepathyQt/base-channel.cpp#L473

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