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GSoC week 8: CM for reSIProcate


In the past week I've fixed the send presence functionality [1] and moved the core mechanism to resip/recon API. Right now I'm generating a pidf+xml in the PUBLISH message using Jitsi messages as pattern. I still have some doubts about where in the xml actually the presence is taken and I've used RFC 4480 [2] as guide.

I've tested the mechanism and sometimes it works (I change my status at resiprocate-Empathy and see the difference at Jitsi) but sometimes don't. I've looked into log of Jitsi and the messages looks like correct but Jitsi sometimes don't change my presence status. I've decided to come back to this later (I think it's merely a change in the xml message).

I also joined the two branches that I was working (text message and presence) into one so I could test the send/receive text message properly: it is necessary that the remote user see I'm online to send me a message.

Then I've discussed with Daniel and Scott about where to put the text message mechanism since I was letting it at apps/telepathy and it actually belongs to resip/recon API. I've started to move it there but I'm getting a little trouble to do it.

This week I expect to finish this and move to another task of my schedule.

[1] https://github.com/resiprocate/resiprocate/compare/master...MateusBellomo:mateus-presence-text#diff-82d1d1ba25e34af050fd6a6c5e5311dfR422
[2] https://github.com/resiprocate/resiprocate/compare/master...MateusBellomo:mateus-presence-text#diff-39230e150779508dd98dd29f3e3c4414R653

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