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GSoC week-8 report

Hi all,

This week I have arrived from CapeTown after attending DebConf on Monday(i.e July 11th). That was an amazing week full of new experiences(July 2nd to July1oth).

I could get some more ideas about my project after meeting many people in Debconf. I gave a talk on my progressing project there
(link: https://debconf16.debconf.org/talks/14/).

I also had some discussions with some of the attendees of my talk about the problems they are facing with currently available RTC softwares.And I promised that they could chat with their family from Montreal,Canada for next Debconf with free software in improved version.Hope i will keep the promise. ;)

There were many brainstorming talks I have attended.Notably I have attended Python BoF and I could interact with the person who maintains the Debian python package which I am currently using for the project.I also have learnt much more about Python packages from him 'super cow lab'(one of the hacking lab for Debconf-16).

And I have pushed my coding work into GitHub this week.
https://github.com/Jaminy. I have also spent this week writing blog on Denconf and it is still in progress.
Coming weeks I will be working on the following.

* Adding functionality to the scraper to extract other URIs (web links,
XMPP or SIP addresses) and presenting these also in the user interface
 * Adding a list of other people that are CC'd or also in the To field of
emails you recieve, so you can see which people are related and then
presenting this in the UI.
 * Extracting Debian bugs information from email headers to build lists of
which bugs you have received information about, and who is involved in
them, being then able to drill down to see information on each
particular person.
 * Presenting information on the web UI using hCard and/or RDFa (embedded
semantic metadata in HTML) -

These were the tasks given by mentor and it was also mentioned that they are harder tasks.Hoping to complete.Harder tasks are interesting to work on ;)


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