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GSoC week 7: CM for reSIProcate


In the past week I was fixing the receive buddy's presence mechanism. In the first weeks I've implemented only the Telepathy part of this and back then I didn't know that I should get this information as a SIP NOTIFY message.

Now the SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY mechanism is working at resiprocate and you can see some images at my blog [1] and look at my commit [2]. For now the commit is full of debugs and I will clean that when I got everything from this commit working (I'm still working on the send presence functionality).

This current week I'm planning get the send presence working and continue to work on send/receive text messages.

I had a working implementation of sending presence functionality but while I was working on the receive presence I noticed that I should implement send presence into resip/recon API instead of apps/telepathy/*.

I already started to work on that.

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