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GSoC report - week 5 and 6


week 5 was my last week of university and exams. I did manage to do some code clean up: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi/pull/277

This week I finished implementing SIP message support for the camel component:: https://github.com/apache/camel/pull/1056

I tested my code by creating two camel routes which can be seen here:

One routes listens for incoming messages. When someone send a sip message to the address "listener@localhost:5154", it gets stored in an activeMQ queue.
The other route gets every message from the queue and sends it to the address I specified, in this case the same sip address I'm sending it from.
When the producer processes the exchange, it looks for a header to know what what kind of SIP method the requests needs to be send with.

I also found out a way to move/drag the "getting a call" window for Jitsi:

Initially, I planned to do ICE for SIP in Jitsi for the coming summer. Together with my mentors we decided that this project was to complex and time-consuming. We discussed other options and we decided on implementing speech-to-text functionality in Jitsi-Meet. I will update my wiki page as soon as we have a concrete road map of how to tackle the new project.



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