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[Soc-coordination] Weekly 4 - Status Report

What was done

Make AppRecommender works with popcon cluster data
  - This code is on:
    - https://gitlab.com/TCC-AppRecommender/AppRecommender/
    - branch: knn_strategy

  - All strategies can be run with popcon cluster data if
  use '--withknn' or '-k', like: apprec.py -s cb -k

Update load popcon cluster data on AppRecommender
  - Check sha256sum of files using informations of InRelease file

Milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/7

To the next week

- Send patch to popularity-contest

- Document the format of the output from popcon data digestion

- Send an invite for a BoF during DebConf for popcon developers and other
  people involved

Milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/9

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