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GSoC weeks 1-3 report [Improving mips and mipsel ports]

Hi all!


I recently realized that reports were mandatory and that blogging occasionally about my progress was not enough (oops!). So here is my first 3 weeks in a nutshell.

I just finished my summer course which was given over 7 instead of 15 weeks (2 exams and 2 projects), so first weeks have been particularly slow.

I had to decide by which mean I was going contribute to the project, but first, I had to set up my environment. Getting the proper software and understanding the process of working with ported software was a big part of this.
Much of this was done by finding and reading the proper documentation on Debian and mips. The Debian website has a lot of documentation and ended up being my main resource.

Next step was do chose a way of contributing to the project. After much reading on the culture on software maintenance and improvements at Debian and in the open source community, I was finally aiming at helping on resolving issues with package building (thanks to the mailing list for helping me with this).

The first package on which I am working is the haskell_hoogle package which couldn't be built and was categorized as BD-Uninstallable. I have chosen this package because I like the Haskell language and felt like having more support for it would certainly help the its popularity. The goal is now to find, amongst the package's dependencies, what is causing the building/compilation to be impossible.

Next week I will try to give you guys links to the main things to be known in order to understand exactly what I am doing.

See you next week!

Jonathan Jackson

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