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GSoC 2016 Week 1 and 2: Indexation over OpenDht


Here comes my my first & second report and sorry to be a little bit late. (Next week i'll be on time).
I have done following things in past two weeks :

Week 1 :
  • Complet all my form for SavoirFaireLinux, and subsribe to all mailing list.
  • Meet other from GSoC who work on Ring like me ( Simon Désaulniers, Gregoire Olivier )
  • Start reading the research document who speak about OpenDht and Pht
  • https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~sylvia/papers/pht.pdf
  • Read all the code on the OpenDht
  • And even found some bug ( due to lack of documentation on bit operation )
  • Setup my dev environnement ( git, better config for vim )
  • And finally, try to learn how to type on thoses bad qwerty keyboard :D ( Sice i use Azerty for too much time )

Week 2 :
  • Start thinking about a solution for the data persistance
  • Speak with my mentor about my solution
  • More look at code and trying to understand all things in it
  • Read more research document ( and general document )
  • Looking for optimization that could be done

Anyway, see you next week, i'll probably add a github link next week to my dev setup configuration.



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