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GSoC 2016 Week 1: Android SDK Tools in Debian

This report is a bit late as I had exams today and yesterday, and in
the previous week as well, so I've been busy with those.

As such, I haven't been able to do as much as I would've liked to, but
my exams will end this week, and after that I'll be completely free.

I try to keep up with the various relevant mailing lists and also with
the bugs reported, and there have been a few reported about 'apktool'
I looked at something reported in bugs 824930 and 824933
apktool needs framework-res.apk (the base android framework) to
decompile other applications, which is currently not included in the
debian package. Upstream doesn't include it in their source, and
instead chooses to compile and place it only in their binary releases.

We already have a android-tools/android-platform-frameworks-base
repository containing the relevant source code, and so I was looking
at getting the 'aapt' package to build the framework-res.apk
However, the aapt we currently have in debian doesn't work (same issue
also faced by another student, seamlik) - an aapt binary compiled in
the google android sources is fine, and I was able to use that to
create a working framework-res.apk
The issue is due to a subtle compiler error related to asserts, the
same code which compiles in google's android tree doesn't compile for
us, need to look into that.

Apart from that I've also been looking at getting an offline copy of
the android-sdk-docs buildable, they're included with the android sdk
binaries google provides.

I'll be able to do much more starting next week, as by then I'll have
had a meeting with my mentors and other students (we have one
scheduled), and also not have to worry about exams.

Chirayu Desai

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