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Weekly Report GSoC'16 - Week 1 - Telepathy based Chat engine - Balram P

Hi guys,

Personally, its not been a good week for me. I just had an accident and was bedridden for the first few days. Nevertheless, I have tried to do everything in-order to get a good start.

First thing is I have configured resiprocate successfully after dealing with a good load of errors. One of the things I noticed was that for building resiprocate, the sub-directory traversal permissions was not enabled (this didnot cause any serious issue in the build, but while running automake the output object files will be placed in the top-level directory instead of same directory). I worked upon it and solved the issue in pull request #43[1].

Commit - fb37bc8

Pull request #43 - enable subdir-objects to access subdirectory for build/debian.sh

Issue Solved -

apps/ichat-gw/jabberconnector/Makefile.am:19: warning: source file '../IPCThread.cxx' is in a subdirectory,

apps/ichat-gw/jabberconnector/Makefile.am:19: but option 'subdir-objects' is disabled

Travis build status - Failed. (Due to some external issue) But the fix worked fine.

Hence it was merged with the master Repo.

Next was to set up telepathy and test the SIP account. It worked fine but there are still somethings that I need to figure out. I am getting to see the SIP option in Empathy but I cannot access the account. Working on it. I am also assigned to work on some other files and am going through them. Hopefully I'll have my telepathy acct. Running perfect within a few hours.

More Updates will be posted in the wiki page and my blog. A good lot of thanks to Daniel for helping out to get a good start.And thanks for a great week! :)





Balram P Menon
Tech Head | Excel 2016

Computer Science and Engineering (Batch: 2013-17)
Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi-21

☎: 8129130866
✉: balbbrl@gmail.com

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